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How to Clean Entrance Mats

Entrance mats take on the lion’s share of dirt, grime, chemicals, pesticides, and other contaminants from our shoes. It’s not a pretty job, but it’s a necessary one: in a 2008 study on the germs and microbes found on footwear, researchers found that E. coli was present in 27% of shoe bottoms. Other bacteria commonly found on shoes included Escherichia coli (responsible for urinary and intestinal tract infections), meningitis, diarrheal disease, Klebsiella pneumonia, and Serratiaficaria (which can cause infections in the respiratory track). Without a mat, the experiment showed that there was a 90% to 99% transferal rate of bacteria from shoes to uncontaminated tile.

While an entrance mat creates a protective barrier and protects interiors from these contaminants, it accrues a lot of filth. Unlike the rest of your house, however, an entrance mat is designed for frequent, easy cleaning. Not only does the routine maintenance of your entrance mat help keep germs at bay, it also diminishes the load of your overall cleaning—taking care of entrance mats can result in far fewer cleaning demands in interior spaces. Since entrance mats are often up to 10 feet long, and feature tough and porous mat fibers in order to trap shoes’ hazardous grit, cleaning them can seem tricky. But as long as you know your type of mat, its location, and its material, there are a few simple methods for cleaning entrance mats to keep them in shape. Common entrance mats with custom logos can be cleaned using garden hoses, vacuums, or wet/dry shop vacs. Carpet cleaner or bleach can potentially cause damage to these often less durable mats, so they should be avoided in this case.

Standard entrance mats without custom logos, including Grand Premier, klockor kopior Eco Premier, Classic, Fashion, DiamondChord, Masterpiece Select, BrushHuge, and classic tile-type mats can be cleaned by hose, vacuum, dry vac, and carpet cleaner, as well as with bleach in some cases. Workplace mats with brands such as HappyFeet, HogHeaven, AirFlex, SafetyScrape and TractionHog are less adaptable to different cleaning supplies and should generally only be washed with hoses or bleach. Every make of entrance mat has its own peculiar guidelines printed on the tag or on the reverse of the mat, but as a rule of thumb, just use a hose. It's fast and easy, adaptable to virtually any type of mat (regardless of its quality and pedestrian traffic),and the more water pressure you can muster, the more efficiently you'll clean your mat. We recommend attaching a pressure nozzle to your hose when you're washing entrance mats – it'll help you get your water pressure exactly right.

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Your mat’s job is to gather grime from the bottoms of your shoes, so you’ll want to hose your mat down every month, or more, if you’re expecting to track in a lot of dirt.
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