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If you are eco-friendly as well as health-conscious, consider purchasing high-performance entrance mats made of PET polyester fiber. PET fiber is material that is reclaimed from used plastic drink bottles and tires; using this fiber annually reduces landfill waste by over 400 tons. Put in the context of these “green” mats, every square food of material eliminates four half liter drink bottles from the waste stream. These eco-friendly entrance matsare made of FDA-approved material that has been extensively tested for safety.

Outdoor entrance mats

Scraper mats are typically reserved for outdoor use; they’re large and often spotted outside public buildings. These mats work best when they’re around sixfeet long, using a grated system of fabric and rubber materials to remove most dirt and snow. The protruding nubs in scraper mats work the same way as squeegees, and are absorbent and durable.

The higher the rubber projections on the mat, the more effective (and expensive) the mat is. Higher projections also mean that more dirt can be stored within the mat as opposed to being tracked indoors. Mats with higher projections are also easier to clean. Outdoor floor mats can also have recessed grating systems, which allow for more time between cleanings.

Nitrile rubber backing – which stands up well to both hot and cold weather – is the standard material for outdoor mats. Good floor mats should store soil and water below the shoe level and should have a reinforced surface as to avoid wearing out quickly.

In addition to keeping your floors clean, placing mats just outside doors can reduce dirt and hazardous particles indoors. Lead dust concentrations are sometimes found in outdoor mats, and this substance is a health hazard when inhaled. The disintegration of lead into smaller, airborne particles can cause a wide array of lifelong respiratory complications.


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You’ve walked over thousands of scraper mats without giving them a second thought, but workhorses like these keep our homes and offices clean and safe to walk through – and their design does make a difference.
When choosing the proper mat to place outdoors, the lead contentof neighborhood soil isn’t what many consumers have at the forefront of their minds, and the focus for many when buying a welcome mat in a department store is less the danger of pneumonia than the danger of being too bland. Mats certainly do help make an entryway more inviting; a good scraper mat can provide both aesthetic appeal and an extra line of defense.
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