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Why You Need Entrance Mats

Ideally, matting involves a three-pronged system, starting with an outdoor mat and transitioning to two indoor mats. The first line of precaution is called the scraper mat, which is a durable outdoor mat responsible for holding the greatest amount of dirt or snow. The absorption mat, placed immediately inside an entryway, is usually made from nylon or polypropylene and performs scraping and moisture wicking action. The aptly named finishing mat is a third line of precaution, and is usually at least eight feet long. Finishing mats employ coarse fiber surfaces to capture and hold particles or moisture not picked up by the first two mats.

Mats aren’t just for keeping your front area neat; (Although no one is complaining about that classic feature!) they’re also for safety, health, and aesthetic reasons. They can even market your brand, or protect your electronics. For the top five reasons for having an entrance mat, just look below.

Particles that are tracked indoors can cause a number of health hazards, ranging from insect larva (which can lead to infestations requiring expensive extermination) to lead particles (which cause multifarious respiratory complications and, in some cases, immuno deficiency. People of all ages risk exposure to these particles, which pose a far less significant threat when left outside the home or at foot level.

Slip, trip, and fall accidents cost American businesses approximately $70 billion a year in workers’ compensation and medical costs, klockor kopior not to mention the pain, suffering, and lost productivity also caused. Entrance mats help prevent these accidents in a variety of ways: they knock off debris from shoes, they have sturdy, no-slip backing to keep the mats in place, and absorb wetness, keeping hazardous leaks off the floor.

Protecting electronics

Static electricity is more common than you might think. Our electronics register that shock (and are actually harmed by it) at levels that are imperceptible to human beings. If you walk across a rug and touch a grounded metal object, the voltage can be 10,000-12,000 volts. Shockingly, electronics (for example, integrated circuits) can be destroyed at voltages as low as 400 volts. Anti-static mats prevent static from building up with your footsteps. Static-dissipative mats can actually drain the static electricity out of your body and minimize the static discharge that might otherwise harm electronics.

Classic Mat

This photo shoes a classic two-mat arrangement, with a scraper on the outside and a gripper mat on the inside.

Protecting floors

Replacing floors and carpets can be an extremely expensive ordeal. When dirt and other materials get embedded into a carpet and out of the vacuum’s reach, the rotting particles often emit an odor that necessitates the attention of an often overpriced carpet cleaning service. Making visitors wipe their feet on the way inside decreases this added expense, keeping the interior of any home or business clean, and reducing the need for carpeting service or floor replacements.


Entrance mats, simply put, just look nice. A stoop without an entrance mat often looks bare or bleak, and the placement of an entrance mat adds a warm and decorative touch. For schools and universities, adorning entranceways with mats that feature the school's logo is a great way to raise school spirit in a nonabrasive fashion. With a countless array of designs, colors, and now completely customizable online formats, adding a custom mat can make any entranceway look far more inviting.

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